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What to expect from a typical Reflexology treatment!

If you have never had Reflexology before here is what to expect!

Your first treatment will include a short but thorough consultation explaining any recent or longstanding illnesses including any medication you are taking, this gives us chance to establish your reason for having Reflexology and to check there are no contra-indications, everything we discuss during your consultation is strictly confidential and your details are kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Before your treatment you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks. It's best to wear loose comfortable clothing as reflexes are worked on the top, and sides of the foot as well as underneath including around the ankle and lower leg. You will then sit on the treatment couch in a reclined comfortable position and the treatment starts with relaxation techniques followed by a sequence of movements applying pressure using finger and thumb techniques over both feet covering the different reflexes. Most people find Reflexology extremely relaxing and may even fall asleep however it's also normal to feel slight discomfort or tenderness in reflexes that show an imbalance so you should mention any discomfort or tingling sensations felt during the treatment. After your treatment homecare advice may be offered and a follow up treatment plan can be recommended, however you are under no obligation to book further treatments.
It should always be made clear that Reflexology is an alternative therapy that can be used alongside conventional medicine it is NOT used to diagnose or cure medical conditions but to promote better health and wellbeing by helping the body heal itself.

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Typical Reflexology Session. treatment room

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