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Gentle Touch Reflexology for babies and children . baby foot in heart hands

Gentle Touch Reflexology for babies and children

I have been practicing Reflexology for many years as I qualified in 2000, it was actually treating my son that made me want to be able to treat babies and children as I realised the amazing benefits, he becomes instantly relaxed and calm, it improves his sleep and just finds it incredibly soothing and generally makes him feel happy. Although I had seen a benefit using my traditional Reflexology techniques I wanted to learn Gentle Touch Reflexology specifically for babies and children so I trained with the founder of this fantastic technique the lovely Sue Ricks.

Gentle Touch Reflexology is ideal for all ages from new born babies to age 16+ due to it's incredibly light touch. It's totally client focused and client let and is all about the client not the condition.

Some of the benefits include -
*Improved sleep
*Improved mood
*Relaxes and calms
*Can assist in teething
*Can balance the digestive system
*Relieves tension
*Helps boost the immune system
*It's lovely to give and receive

Treatments for younger clients are always carried out with the parent /guardian present and permission is required. Treatment can be on the parent/carers lap, in a chair/sofa it can be done on the floor as I adapt the treatment to be sure the child is comfortable and relaxed at all times it's unrealistic to think a baby /toddler is going to stay still for the duration of the treatment.

Gentle Touch Reflexology for Babies and Children Course
If you would like to learn some of the great techniques to be able to treat your child yourself I am able to offer a course this is taught over 6 1hour sessions, it can be in person but if you are not in the local area it can be taught online.

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